Track Access Agreement Schedule 7

All the links you need to request access to the track or a contract to connect to the network, whether for passenger or freight traffic. 4. Services postponed after a combined network disruption event The Parties may at any time hold discussions on any matter that could lead to the payment of actual costs and shall make reasonable efforts to agree whether such actual costs arising from the process described in paragraph 3.3 are likely to arise and/or what mitigation measures should be considered; to reduce or avoid these real costs. The party initiating such discussions must provide other reasonable written evidence of why it believes such actual costs will be incurred and the mitigation measures that should be considered. Following an agreement or determination that such actual costs are likely to arise in connection with one or more future Network Rail notice holdings or that mitigation measures should be considered, the Parties will discuss, to the extent possible, options to mitigate costs, loss of revenue and/or disruption, including prior compensation for such notice from Network Rail. Possession(s), to the extent that such advance compensation can reasonably be expected to facilitate the mitigation of the anticipated disturbance. Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent Network Rail and the Rail Operator from agreeing on options to reduce costs and disruptions related to Network Rail`s notice holder(s). Unless otherwise agreed, the time limits for claiming actual costs in section 3.4 continue to apply. All Central Valley Lines (LCNs) follow the LC`s consultations, decisions, consolidated agreements and fee framework. These guidelines set out our approach to regulating access to the route. We ensure that passenger and freight train operators have fair access to the rail network – and that capacity is used optimally. Payments are made to rail operators at the end of each four-week period. These payments are usually determined automatically using the formulas of each operator`s track access contracts with Network Rail.

Tailor-made payments can be made for large estates to cover additional costs such as additional resources for train planning or training on driver/driver route knowledge, where the impact of extended ownership on passengers is mitigated by operating services diverted to new routes. Standard application forms and standard contracts to be used when requesting access to or connection to the network`s rail infrastructure. This Agreement is without prejudice to the application of the provisions of the Agreement for the Distribution and Handling of Claims Between the Parties relating to liability for small claims equal to or below the threshold (as defined in this Agreement). Annex 4 rewards rail operators for the financial impact of planned business interruptions, where operators have limited access to the network, mainly due to our technical work. Payments shall be calculated to reflect the loss of revenue due to reduced ticket sales and the costs incurred by rail operators, for example, for the .B operation of replacement buses. (b) for which a contributing rail operator has paid Network Rail`s additional costs in accordance with paragraph 2.8 or an equivalent amount in the relevant access agreement; If a railway operator wants access to the rail network, they must ask us for a track access contract with Network Rail. Check out our infographic on how we make decisions about runway access. 2. An agreement to adhere to the Emergency Access Code document, as approved or instructed by XXX, and for the purposes of Schedule 6, the Emergency Access Code. The current system of fees and incentives is set out in Annexes 4, 7 and 8 of the Model Contracts. As part of the 2018 regular review of Network Rail (PR18) by the Office for Rail and Road, we are looking at the framework of charges and incentives between Network Rail and rail operators. This provides an opportunity to improve the clarity, consistency and simplicity of contract design in these model contracts.

Following this consultation, the Office of Railways and Roads has just published conclusions and replies on the preparation of schedules 4, 7 and 8 of the standard contracts for the carriage of goods and passengers. The latest documents on runway access requests that we are currently reviewing. Examples of the agreement between Network Rail and the railway companies are available on ORR`s website: (d) If the party receiving a notice under paragraph 5.2(a) does not agree to the schedule of charges being amended in accordance with this notice, it must respond in writing in a reasonably detailed manner and with the reasons for its response within 20 business days of the delivery of such notice. Without undue delay (and in any event within 20 working days) of notification of such a written notice of refusal, the parties shall endeavour to agree on whether the schedule of rights should be amended in accordance with this paragraph 5 and, if so, the amendments. If they agree to do so, the parties shall ensure that XXX receives the agreed amendment as well as the information and evidence that XXX needs to decide whether or not to accept the amendment. If a railway operator wishes to operate trains on the rail network, it must obtain the approval of the independent railway regulator for a track access agreement with Network Rail […].