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Step 3) Finally, use the shortcode of the standard severity form to place the form on your landing page just like with any other severity form. See the example of a shortcode below: [gravityform id=1 title=false description=false] Thank you for your reply. I reread step 2. I understand the purpose of unique_id field, but I have two forms. In step 3, we replace the form ID. What happens if you have two different form IDs? Gravity Forms is a form builder plugin that makes it easy to create advanced forms for your WordPress-based website. Create standard forms, purchase orders, and more with Gravity Forms. The guys at Gravity Forms will be able to explain more about it. I`m trying to add several forms, I got to the bit (3rd post from here).. and I use dreamweaver cs5 to add code to functions.php….

but every time I add the “else if” statement, it displays errors… so I think I`m doing something wrong ,,,,I understand how PHP works, I`m not a programmer who is so naked with me. Basically, I try to add about 5 forms to this coding for the affiliate platform to follow. so the code would be like that. No, just because this is the fourth entry doesn`t mean the name will be “input_4.” You need to edit your severity form and you can see the name of each field in your severity form editor. I took a quick look at your HTML and it looks like the name of the email input field is “input_2”. In fact, they don`t have a field named “input_4” in this form. @Brandon, the “customer email” comes from the email address field of your Gravity forms that you created.

It seems that you did not specify the correct name of the input field during the integration, so the customer`s email will not be sent. To specify more specifically, the following line of code (from the sample code) must be modified to match your severity form input field: $buyer_email = $_POST[“input_2”]; Have you changed the name of the “input_2” field to match the email address field on your Gravity form? [gravityform id=12 title=false description=false field_values=`unique_id=1′] I`M AFRAID I DON`T UNDERSTAND THAT AT ALL. WHAT DO I NEED TO CREATE/EDIT/ADD AND WHERE? This is the key line that checks whether a submission has taken place for a particular form, otherwise it will simply come back and do nothing: if($form[`id`] != 12) returns $form; You can customize it according to your needs as follows: // Run only for forms 12 and 13 (the two lead capture forms) if($form[`id`] != 12 && $form[`id`] != 13) return $form; Then you can add other conditions below to process different forms differently if they have different fields. For example: if($form[`id`] == 12) { //do stuff for the submission of form ID 12 } else if($form[`id`] == 13) { //do stuff for the submission of form ID 13 } I hope this clarifies. Step 2) After creating a form (contact form), you need to place that form on a WordPress post or page so that visitors can actually interact with the form. You place a form with shortcode similar to the following: [gravityform id=12 title=false description=false field_values=`unique_id=1′] You must change “id=12” to match the ID of the form you just created. Every form you create has an ID so you can place it on a post or page. Step 2) Go to the “Advanced” tab of the “Email Address Field” of your severity form and specify the following value in the “Parameter Name” field: wpap-lead-email For a better understanding, take a look at the following screenshot: Alternatively, you can link all forms with a single coupon.

An additional step is required to hide the Sum field. When you edit the field, go to the Appearance tab and type gf_invisible in the Custom CSS Class field. This CSS class is provided for your use as part of the Gravity Forms plugin. A section: “Parameter Name:” with an empty field. WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS AREA? I found out why the page broke. But I still wonder about the name field. Thank you We offer lifetime updates and we stay tuned and regularly release a new version of the themes and plugins. The affiliate plugin doesn`t need someone`s name to give a commission. Why are we talking about the name field for affiliate integration purposes? Thank you for setting up these instructions. .